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Jihočeská univerzitaJihočeské Univerzitní a Akademické centrum transferu technologií

The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice participates in a fundamental measure in the development of the education, the exploration and the development, in making quality enterprise, ecological and cultural image of the society not only in the south of Bohemia, but also in contiguous across border regions. Besides its main activities, i.e. providing the education and the implementation of the research, the university also becomes the source of information and new knowledge.

Although the University of South Bohemia is mostly specialized in a basic research, recently it has been aiming at strengthening and improving the co-operation with an enterprise environment and at the transfer of the results of the research, development and creative activities into practice with the aim to get a stable position in the field of the commercial co-operation.

A long-term support of the transfer of results of the research and the development into practice belongs among the strategic priorities of the university. A specialized department is an important link in this process.

For this reason in 2012 The Technology Transfer Office, which serves to all the faculties and independent departments of the university and whose role is to join the world of research with the commercial sphere, came into being.

The office is also a contact place for firms which are interested in a co-operation with the university in the field of research and development.

Our priorities:

  • The development of relations at the level of individual faculties and institutions
  • The building the user-friendly process of transfer of technologies towards the commercial sphere.
  • The active promotion and protection of intellectual property of the university and searching for possibilities of use
  • The holding of the licence talks from the beginning to the end
  • The identification of problems and the removal of barriers between the academic workers and the commercial sphere
  • The support of business
  • The active support in foundation of spin-off and start-up firms

Detailed information can be found in the Academic Guide, which was created to provide a basic orientation in the process of protecting intellectual property and in the management of intangible goods within the university. 

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sluzby firmy nahledWhy to co-operate?

  • We offer you the possibility of mediation of the use of appliances and know-how of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. We will enable you to innovate a product or to solve problems you are wrestling with, with the help of:
  • top appliances which can be out of your price range or their purchase can be financially ineffective
  • experts who understand your problem and will give you advice how to solve it
  • the offer of services which are not available in a usual commercial  environment in this country

What does a co-operation mean for you and your firm?

  • gaining a competitive advantage
  • rising the prestige at commercial partners
  • building the new image founded on the innovations

Our offer for firms:

  • innovative technologies for licensing
  • custom-made research and development
  • finding research partners for common research
  • mediation of professional consultations with researches
  • use of research, development, laboratory and instrumental capacities at university
  • counselling in the field of transfer of technologies

Are you looking for a concrete appliance, an expert for consultation, a partner for a contractual or common research? Then contact us, please. We will make you an appointment with our best experts.


vyzkumnici nahledWhat do we offer?

  • administration of the intellectual property of university, help in its identification and protection
  • administrative and legal support of authors of inventions
  • education and counselling in the field  of transfer of technologies
  • co-operation in transfer of knowledge and technologies into practice
  • mediation of the co-operation with a commercial sphere
  • licence negotiating with potential customers
  • complex support in establishing spin off firms
  • promoting of research activities of individual departments
  • organization of consultations, seminars and workshops
  • consultation in making plans of commercialization
  • marketing and promoting services in enforcement of results of the research and markets trends